Shipwreck eyes, blacker than the abyss I gave to you. Wretched lungs to spine, I forgave you. skin spilling into collapsed folds of stories cut from bleeding earth. burning into a silent coffin of screams…. grieving the cursed children of gods that never bled. Mirrors for fingers and knives for tongues raking against morning that never comes. Morning will never forgive what hell decided to keep. Hunting for the blackest place you never knew to keep. Bruised like love knew its place, raped like heavens mistake. I never made it back to tomorrow, to find you. I spent the remainder of our blood soaked hungry lives stirring like a wanton beast clinging to ideas that never became bodies. Nailing hearts to walls like it made any difference. Sewing flags from flesh and erecting hopes like they were priests above everything I thought you were. Everything I became too. You were never here at all…. Hammers against clocks and chords made of throats that spoke your name. You spoke in absent tones that were more gray than any bone I could sever from your corpse. Walking into the misting night, I hope you never return.


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