Adventures in Teaching

Yesterday at MF Arts in Tampa, Florida I held my very first workshop.  I was a nervous wreck leading up to the moment when It began.  How did I get here?  How did this happen?  What if I have nothing to say?  What if I say fuck too much?  (I did say fuck a lot and I think I said multiple times I hope you suffer.) None of this matters.

What I learned was what I knew, but now know even more.  We are all part of this journey together.  We are all on different lengths of the journey, but no more or less important.  All the people who I am grateful who came to my workshop were great artists with a voice.  Their work was inspiring, authentic and skilled.  But they wanted more.  Like I want more.  Like we all want more.  Hungry to chase these dreams, to build a story line in photos like bones in a body.  I’m heart warmed on a new level.   I want to thank Megan Beckler for assisting and teaching as well.  Megan Beckler is a fine art photographer based out of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Matt Farmer who documented the event and is an awesome photographer and human.  MF Arts (Jo, Emily and Alyssa) everyone who helped make this happen.  To Alayna Cook and Becca Yuratick for modeling.

Based on the response and experience we are going to hold more workshops which will be announced later.

I always tell people, and I knew this without really understanding it like I do today.  Teaching people helps you learn.   Even if you only know something a little or are a veteran of a particular medium in life, teach it to someone.  Give knowledge, share experiences.  Help each other grow.  In turn, you will grow as well. You all have something to give and something to share which a beautiful thing.

The photos I attached to this blog are the candid shots I took at the workshop.  Big love to everyone of you. 








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