Rejecting perfectly tailored otherness.

Its been a few weeks since I wrote here.  Not that I haven’t wanted to, or had things to say.  Sometimes it just takes a certain level of inspiration for me to feel the need to vent, rant, spill, bleed… here.   So here I am.



the quality or fact of being different.”
I see a wave.   The human pack animal.    Following its ebb, its flow.  The rise, the fall. Personalizing the world, taking on a certain level of its “on-trend” interests.   If you watch closely, listen carefully you see it.  Like an infection spreading.  Even if its a positive “trend”. You’ll see people all seem to fall in line with what an acceptable level of “otherness”.
I like to see people change.  I like to watch them writhe in the filth of our own truth.  I like to know you are fighting for growth.  I like to feel what it is you feel when you break apart and come back together like an entirely new version of what it is to be human. Over and over.  If you stop, you’ve given up.  Like swimming the ocean and you find and island to rest then you build a house and die there, with so much more to do.  Dying in a beautiful place won’t camouflage the story you never finished.
In life, if you are an individual, if you stand in the length of your own truth, you WILL loose people.   You cant take every human you know along with you on your journey.  You cant.   Sometimes the lesson is learning how to say goodbye, to say “see you later” or not at all.
There are some people I have to stop speaking to from time to time because their inability to open up annoys me.  Its almost a comedy.  An inside joke of yet another talk about a stupid cliff.   Intellectual banter is not the bedrock of human connections.   They may harbor emotions but speak ineffectually about mundane things,  and I have lost interest in trivialities.   Covering themselves in the front of human bile to protect themselves from truth.
Being otherness is more than a trend.
Its more than facade.
Its you.
Just be that.
DSC_804622blood web

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