Relic Imagery is Relic Life…..

hi… I’m Deidra Leigh.  I am a photographer.  This is what I see, how I see it.   This is what I have to offer the world.

Relic imagery is relic life
Relic imagery is relic life

12 thoughts on “Relic Imagery is Relic Life…..

  1. Excited to read more from the one who’s camera eye has no creative boundaries and limitations. Your art makes me stop and think Deidra, it’s so inspiring.


  2. I have known so many people pick up a camera & declare themselves a photographer. But you are the only one to pick a camera; to declare yourself a free spirit; to see the world through a different lens; and emerge on the other side… a talented, yet natural artist.


  3. Dear Deidra!

    Your style esthetics are a real inspiration, we just love the beautiful artistic atmosphere of your beautifully styled and edgy images!

    We are working on an exciting editorial project and we would love you to join us (it’s a paid assignment).

    First let us introduce ourselves;

    The Green Gallery is an inspiring online magazine celebrating the beauty of nature. It’s published in four languages (English, French, German and Dutch). Enclosed you’ll find our lookbook with a small impression of the magazine to inspire you.
    Our beautiful e-mag is all about flowers and plants in a kind of artistic intelligent way. Our goal is to inspire and astonish our readers giving them creative and mind-blowing photographs, all nurtured by the love and never fading beauty of plants and flowers. We use flowers and plants as a muse for food, fashion, lifestyle, arts & design lovers and work with many international creatives (f.i. Vogue, W Magazine and Kinfolk magazine photographers, Elle Decor stylists and many artists and bloggers like Our Food Stories and Bloesem Blogs and many others). You can take a sneak peek at Our next edition is due early October and it’s themed plants.

    At this moment we are looking for contributors and we would love you to run a feature on historic beauty for us.

    Three social influencers selected by our editor (one of them being you) receive a picture of this beautiful historic painting The Day Dream from Dante Gabriel Rossetti to inspire them to create a mind-blowing artistic DIY production in their own special handwriting.

    It’s a spheral plant/green feature including a basic text about you, your work and your dearest quote, memory or little story concerning a (special kind of) plant. We’d like to ask you to create 3-5 astonishing still(s) using plants as props in an out-of-the box manner plus a 3 step DIY. All inspired by the painting we’ll send you. Let the feature be all about the pants you love, about the atmosphere and fun you can create with plants and leaves. Inspire. Take time to overthink every detail. Let your creativity run free, think out of the box and make something beautiful. Astonish us. Let it be all about the simple pleasures in life. The only things that really matter. Indulge and spoil us, create a feast for hands and eyes. Use your imagination, lots of love, happiness and plants. Heaps of plants.

    It’s not only an utterly creative assignment but also a paid one. The fixed fee will be a maximum of 500 Euro for about 3-5 (or more if you like) images, including a 3 step DIY, a short video or music fragment and a basic text with background information for our writing staff. As we’re working on this issue right now, the deadline will be the 28th of september 2015.

    Further details will follow, but we would love to know whether you’re interested.

    Hope to hear from you so we can share our enthusiasm!

    Best regards,

    Rosanne Loffeld, co-creator & creative editor The Green gallery

    The Green gallery is powered by The Flower Council of Holland. The Flower Council of Holland promotes flowers and plants to consumers in a number of international countries and lets consumers experience that flowers and plants bring complete happiness.

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